Regenerative ranching.

By ranching regeneratively, we’re ensuring that the foods that nourish you also nourish the land they come from. That way, you’re able to sustain (and make sustainable) everything you bring to your table.

Sun on the horizon of Tangen Draw prairie.

Giving more than we take.

Sustainability implies creating a kind of “break even” with the planet—mitigating our environmental impact and doing no harm. But in regenerative agriculture, we’ve found a way to go beyond that, leaving the land and ecosystem better than we found it. 

Developed on the premise of creating a new way to create food the old way, regenerative ranching at Tangen Draw is an innovative blend of ecology, humane animal handling, sustainable farming practices, and data analysis. Taken together, they offer us a clear understanding of our environment and our impact at every step. 

Data driven by nature.

While data may not strike you as delicious, it’s the key to transformatively flavorful, grass fed and finished meats. Because with it, we’re able to analyze the ecosystem, what the animals eat, where and how they graze—and, of course, how our actions impact each aspect. In doing so, we’re able to verify and continuously improve our methods of replenishing the land, and of producing meat with unparalleled flavor and nutrient density. And by eating it, our customers help ensure that this way of creating food can continue.  

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