An impact worth savoring.

Incredibly flavorful. Uncompromisingly sustainable. At Tangen Draw, we ranch with the utmost care, producing dry aged, grass-fed and finished meats that make a difference on any table.

High quality, grass-fed meat sliced on a tray.

The way foods were meant to be.

What we eat connects us— to the people we dine with, to the plants and animals it comes from, even to the landscape where it first grew. And at Tangen Draw, we work to preserve those connections through deliciously high-quality meats that are as nourishing to the planet as they are to the people you share them with. 

Taking a new approach to creating foods in the old way, we’re working with the land on our family ranch to raise animals sustainably—regenerating the ecosystem while creating peerlessly flavorful, grass-fed and finished beef and bison. 

Crazy Not To

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Tasting notes.

A distinguished flavor for discerning palates. Learn more about the unique flavors our land helps create, and the art of preparing dry aged, grass-finished meats.

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