A nourishing idea.

We believe that people deserve exceptionally flavorful, nutrient-dense foods that allow them—and the land—to flourish. It is our mission to provide this opportunity, and produce meats worthy of any occasion.

A rolling hill of Tangen Draw.

Sustaining what sustains us.

When produced with care, food does a world of good. It feeds people, of course, but it also has the potential to nourish the very landscape it grows from. 

At Tangen Draw, we ranch regeneratively, rebuilding soil health, regrowing prairie grasses, and ensuring the native ecosystem continues to thrive. Because when we do, it creates beautifully delicious food—and the assurance that there’s more to come.

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An experience that feeds you.

Endless skies. Golden prairies. Animals grazing freely. Our family ranch is immersed in the wild, living beauty of Montana, connecting the life within each blade of grass, raindrop, and breeze to the animals it feeds and, ultimately, the food it creates.

From regenerative agricultural and diverse forage mixing to low-stress animal handling and appreciation for the nuanced flavors the land creates, Tangen Draw offers a new (old) perspective on how food can come to be.

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