Tastefully Landmade: Delivering A Different Kind Of Food Culture

Tastefully Landmade: Delivering A Different Kind Of Food Culture

Place matters.

The greatest artisans have known this for generations. They have chosen to walk alongside Mother Nature, interpreting and translating her wishes. Using age-old principles and traditions, to harness the influences of the climate and terrain, leading to distinctive and delectable flavor profiles. Our goal is to become part of that guild, forging a place for Bison and Beef alongside the great vineyards, cheese caves and distilleries.

 "Terroir" is a French term that refers to the unique combination of natural factors in a specific location, such as soil, climate, terrain, and local farming practices, that influence the characteristics of agricultural products. Originally used in the context of wine, terroir helps explain why products from different regions have distinct flavors and qualities.

On a regenerative bison and cattle ranch like Tangen Draw, “terroir” would encompass the unique environmental and cultural factors of the region.

Montana's rich and diverse soil, varying altitudes, and wide temperature ranges all contribute to the unique growth conditions for grasses and other forage plants. These natural elements impact the diet and health of the bison and cattle, ultimately influencing the flavor and quality of the meat.

Additionally, regenerative farming practices—such as rotating grazing areas, restoring native grasses, and maintaining healthy soil ecosystems—further enhance the terroir. These practices promote biodiversity, improve soil health, and create a more sustainable environment, all of which can lead to meat with a distinctive taste and higher nutritional value.

The terroir of Tangen Draw reflects not only the natural landscape and climate but also the sustainable, thoughtful farming methods used by the ranchers. We stand on these principles to usher in a new mindset, where Tangen Draw Bison and Beef stand alongside the great wines and cheeses of the world.