Sirloin Tip Roast, Beef OR Bison

The Sirloin Tip roast, also referred to as the knuckle or round tip roast, originates from the round portoin of the animal and is located on the front of the hind legs. It's worth noting that this cut is often mistaken for the Top Sirloin, a confusion likely due to their similar names. Typically, Sirloin Tip is sliced into roasts, making it an excellent choice for roasting and slicing thinly for sandwiches, which happens to be a personal favorite of ours.

The muscles in this region are actively engaged in movement, resulting in a leaner cut that may not be as tender as, for instance, a tenderloin. Therefore, we recommend cooking it slowly and at a lower temperature for the best possible results.

We particularly enjoy preparing this roast on a Sunday, as it yields easy-to-prepare meal with  healthy sandwich meat without any unnecessary or hidden ingredients for left overs, cooking tips and video coming soon!

Check our Morgan’s recipe for easy, healthy sandwich meat!


This roast is so easy to enjoy it’s almost a crime..

  • salt and pepper the roast to prepare it set on a cooking rack on a roasting pan
  • put it in the oven at 200° for about 40-50 min per pound cook to 135-140° it is no problem to cook this to a lower temperature is this is your jam, it will just have a looser, giggle, feel as you are cutting it for serving.
  • Let rest for 15-20 min if you have the patience that night.
  • Serve with a side of veggies and a baguette.. whatever you have on hand.

Deli Slices

      Later that evening or in the morning after it has refrigerated overnight I thinly slice it for lunch meat for the week.

  • Sandwiches
    • Mayo, horseradish, lettuce, sirloin tip deli meat and your choice of bread.  I'm a sucker for sourdough but brioche buns are great too, no judgement.
  • Tortilla wrap
    • Warm up a tortilla of choice on the stove top, add pepper jack cheese, a little mayo and horseradish, skillet warmed up sirloin tip deli slices and a slice of crisp lettuce for a refreshing crunch.

I'm telling you so simple and I promise, you'll crave the clean burst of flavors!

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