TD artisanal approach to Ground Meat


If you’re reading this, you probably already know that we’re committed to offering only the highest quality meat possible, from our everyday staples to our prized prime cuts. To do this, we follow regenerative ranching principles, which includes intensive grazing and low stress livestock handling, in support of our desire to treat our land and animals with respect.


Now, let’s talk ground burger—our go-to in the summer months (and our Cut of the Month!). In our pursuit to offer the best ground meat for the perfect at-home burger, we adhere to a few unique, but super important practices:


Single Source Grinding:

Each animal is ground individually, as opposed to a mixture of several animals from different locations. Single Source Grinding is rare, and something you'll likely only find being offered in small butcher shops. For one, it allows us to closely monitor the quality of each batch. It also facilitates source verification by enabling us to trace each batch back to its original animal and specific genetics, thereby ensuring superior quality control.


Cold Temperature Processing:

Our grinding process is conducted at a chill 34 degrees Fahrenheit. This precautionary measure prevents the meat from becoming compressed or losing its desirable texture. Additionally, it aids in maintaining optimal safety standards.


Double Grinding:

We subject our beef to a double grinding process to achieve the perfect texture. This approach ensures a consistent product, regardless of the part of the animal from which it originates.


While these practices require additional time and effort, we firmly believe in the importance of adhering to them to achieve the superior end product that we take pride in. To experience our delicious ground burger yourself, use Code BURGER15 for 15% offyour order! Offer expires August 25, 2023.