Tangen Draw Ranch.

Big skies. Breathtaking country. A bountiful ecosystem. At Tangen Draw, we’ve laid down roots in Big Timber, Montana to help preserve this exceptional land—and the exceptional food it creates.

Tangen Draw ranchers.

Nourishing our roots.

Our journey to Tangen Draw began five generations ago in 1885, on the proverbial Lonesome Dove trail from Texas. Our family has explored widely, and returned to begin again, raising cattle and bison to regenerate our roots and the land we hold dear.

Today, Tangen Draw spans prairie, winding creeks, hills, and valleys, and our animals graze against a backdrop of the storied Crazy mountains. Fed by what the land provides, and what in turn feeds the land itself, we work with nature to return the environment to what it was meant to be—a self-sustaining ecosystem where flora and fauna work, grow, and nourish together in lush, wild harmony. Just as it was for those who came before us—and for the benefit of those who will come long after.

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