Feature: The Art of Low-Stress Livestock Handling

The Art of Low-Stress Livestock Handling: Crafting Distinction from Calm Cattle & Bison

At Tangen Draw, we believe that the quality of our beef and bison is directly linked to the well-being of our livestock. This month, we dive into how our artful and educated approach to low-stress handling enhances not just the life of our livestock, but the quality of the meat they provide.

Traditional livestock handling often resorts to force — whooping, hollering, pushing, and prodding. At Tangen Draw, we take a different path. We employ handling techniques based on natural instincts and responses. This approach minimizes stress, which is crucial not only for the animal's welfare but also for the quality of the meat. Stress can lead to cuts that are tough and lack flavor. In contrast, our stress-free livestock produce beef and bison that is consistently tender, flavorful, and of superior texture.

Stress releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which can negatively affect meat quality by altering fat distribution and muscle fiber characteristics. By maintaining a calm and natural environment, we prevent these stress responses, ensuring that the meat from our livestock retains its natural marbling and succulence. This method not only adheres to the highest ethical standards but also to the pinnacle of culinary excellence.

Our dedication to the well-being of our livestock through continuous education on animal behavior and welfare directly enhances the quality of Tangen Draw beef & bison. We stay informed and adapt our practices to ensure they are both compassionate and scientifically sound. We continue to participate in clinics that provide us with the extra hands-on practices from elite animal handling instructors.

When you choose Tangen Draw, you are not just purchasing beef & bison, but supporting a philosophy that treats livestock with respect and delivers a premium product. We are thankful to all our customers who appreciate the careful consideration and expertise that go into every cut of meat from our ranch.

If you have any questions about how our handling techniques influence the quality of our beef and bison, or any aspect of our operations, we’re here to provide answers.